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  • Company Profile 

    DRWing (the Reisinger-Wechselberger engineering company) was founded to provide top expert advice throughout the aviation and engineering community. Our focus lies on highly qualified personnel, providing high quality training, testing and expert reports.

  • Legal Notice

    The DRWing OG is registered under
    Company No. 448391z at the federal court of Innsbruck, Austria

    Contact Details / Headquarters:
    Archenwald 8
    6116 Weer
    Mobile: +43 676 7673001
    Mobile: +43 660 3595554

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    For billing purposes:
    our VAT number (EU-VAT No) is ATU70547214. Please contact us, if you need additional information or encounter any questions regarding billing & invoices.

    Regarding Data Protection:
    you can find DRWing OG under the Data Provider Number (DVR-Nr) 4016635, registered with the Austrian Data Protection Authority (Datenschutzbehörde). Following the highest Austrian and EU Standards regarding Data Protection and Privacy Requirements, we are the perfect partner for your data and your needs.

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